restrains meaning in hindi

रोकता है
rokata hai

Translations of restrain


नियंत्रित करना

restrain, contain, check


stop, clog, inhibit, prevent, fend, intercept

प्रतिरोध करना

restrain, set against

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Restrain meaning in Hindi – रेस्त्रां मतलब हिंदी में – Translation

hinkhoj.com › restrain-…

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Definition of Restrain · keep under control; keep in check; “suppress a smile”; “Keep your temper”; “keep your cool” · place limits on (extent or access); ” …

restrain – रिस्ट्रेन / रीस्ट्रैन का अर्थ, मतलब, अनुवाद, उच्चारण

Shabdkosh › restrain

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restrain क्रिया · prevent the action or expression of. पर्यायवाची. hold back, keep back, keep · restrict (someone or something) so as to make free …

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