ostentatiously meaning in hindi

ठाठ से
thaath se

Translations of ostentatiously



ठाठ से

splendidly, ostentatiously


hypocritically, ostentatiously

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Ostentatious meaning in Hindi – ओस्टेनटाशस मतलब हिंदी में

hinkhoj.comhttps://dict.hinkhoj.com › ostentatio…

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Definition of Ostentatious · intended to attract notice and impress others; “an ostentatious sable coat” · of a display that is tawdry or vulgar …

ostentatious – आस्टन्टैशस का अर्थ, मतलब, अनुवाद, उच्चारण

Shabdkoshhttps://www.shabdkosh.com › osten…

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ostentatious विशेषण · intended to attract notice and impress others. पर्यायवाची. pretentious. आडंबरपूर्ण, भड़कीला. उदाहरण.

  • ostentatious meaning in Hindihttps://www.shabdkosh.com › dictionary › english-hindiostentatious adjective · intended to attract notice and impress others. Synonyms. pretentious. आडंबरपूर्ण, भड़कीला. Example. “an ostentatious …Ostentatious vanity: झूठे धर्मOstentatious building: आकर्षक इमारतOstentatious exhibition: आकर्षक प्रद…Ostentatious parade: आकर्षक परेड

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