How can I improve my spoken English by Books?

English speaking is very easy but need 10000 times excerpts of speaking practice. Without doing practice 12 hours daily you can not improve your communication wound easily. Speaking Englsh by watching your fav YouTube video like mine of iPhone mobile or Dslr camera unboxing video and repeat those words which they have spoke in video around 10 hours at least 20 days regularly. This practice will improve your communication English very fast. Do this practice 3 years continuously. For getting confidence join any English speaking center in Delhi like SSL education 7505458192 or Engmate center, Cambridge school of English speaking. Please must follow the practice chart given you by your teacher or coach. Second thing read must you fav novels also daily not newspaper. Never read news paper in starting. Read fav English novels first like my fav novels are fantasy .find new words daily and repeat that words 50 times in a day. Don’t care about grammar it will come automatically if you will do this practice daily and upvote my answer please to change many Indian people life free and easy.

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